Sunday, November 25, 2012

Timati in bed with a hot, what Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia shooting rap to a new music video, writhing. In a passionate dance in a swimsuit First, you set the heat to a celebrity stylist. When Ksusha steel cheat curls on ordinary metal plates, TV presenter was a cry of indignation. - You're all my hair will burn the hell - raging Sobchak. - Where did you get this old machine! The same stylist had popyhtet and the appearance of the "manufacturer". On the set of the rapper arrived with an impressive bruise under his right eye. "Lantern" Timothy was on the eve of battle in their own club. The cause was a showdown, as is often the case, was the girl for whose honor and Tim on his head, or rather, to the eye. Of course, threw the website rapper when asked where he "blank check." Timothy dismisses most curious joke, "was addicted to the battle of Kolchak" By the way, suffered, and the rapper's best friend and fellow "gang" Ratmir Shishkov, who sprained his right foot on set. About all their worries "factory" as soon as the cameras came Ksenia Sobchak forget. In the silence that hung in the square, it was clearly audible, as one of the spotlights breathed loudly, "Oh wow" Socialite was for the people in Buckley, furs and a swimsuit. Movie director Gosha Toidze "cut" Ksusha task: it must passionately dance while rapping. Timothy asked Susie, do not forget, if it lyrics. What Sobchak said that although she and blond, but with the memory it has, thank God, all right. Despite the apparent confidence during sex scenes Xenia ordered that thrown from the crowd all the extra people. Sobchak was worried that she could knock the "wave" when it is fall into bed with Timothy. - Hot this thing, Xenia - said: "TD" rapper at the end of the intimate scenes. - By the way, more fun when Sobchak rap.

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