Monday, July 1, 2013

"Boney M." - Real or Fake? Let's see!

The truth about the size of Boney M. Recently, the Internet is full of articles about the group Boney M. Russia - not real! Write that every graduate of the University of Peoples' Friendship Lumumba go into the market, "Boney M." buy and. The jackpot with their views by inviting a few friends about the company For quite a long time in Russia Boney M. fame as "Russian Folk Group" and their hits, classic repertoire envy of any popular musician. And any true fan of the group that visited her concerts, said with confidence that all these songs are known by heart, and can sing along with any of them. Not surprisingly, the demand for services Boney M.. Far beyond the abilities of musicians that can not both be in different places and to give several concerts The band was excited a frequent guest of many large cities vacations with 100% of the people in the evening disco, give you a good mood all ages. Only on data from the Internet in recent months, in Russia and the CIS countries, more than 20 shows with the group Boney M. And of course, a structure is not so young musicians is difficult to cope with the volume of work, because it is in primarily the energy efficiency of colossal proportions. We have decided to clarify the situation and figure out how to separate the "wheat from the chaff." Sun clarify start, who is not yet on the old structure, "Boney M" and whoever. Gold of the group Boney M is important, the fact that the band broke up in 1986 and since then in the old note is not protruding. But each of the participants a band, repeat the original composition of 3 and 1 soloist. In 90 years there have been numerous complaints about who has the right to the performance of songs notorious "Boney M" and who does not. The result of all these studies was to get all the former members of the same rights to the lyrics and music. The exception was Bobby Farrell, Frank Farian - Founder Group, officially handed over the rights to the brand and creative material. But unfortunately, Bobby died, 30 December 2010 in St. Petersburg, and after his death, was Frank Farian. Some rights to the songs and music of Bobby's former partners in the group Together with the owners, there are many groups working in the simulation Boney M. composition, singing their songs, but nothing compared to the old part of the No Such "Tribute" is all over the world, and of course - in Russia . There can not be denied, sing favorite songs, and for the commercial exploitation or sale of tickets for performances under the name Boney M., these groups have not, they have to write on posters prefix "Tribute". Right now there are as many as 5 (!) Original compositions of which use either a formal law or a court decision in their favor for allowing the brand and music. A few words about every musical group: 1 Liz Mitchell (Liz Mitchell) - was a founding member of the group from 1975 to 1985 and since 2001, began her solo career and has his own band. It is the most famous face in Russia group Boney M.. By participating in the festivals 80, appeared repeatedly on all central channels Liz Mitchell was the "headliner" at every concert in the style of the 80's, was in the former Soviet space. Currently Liz Mitchell gradually attaches to the business of the subsidiary so that they befördere the banner of heritage Boney M. Now the young actress and her mother works on stage. Second Maizie Williams (Maisie Williams) - was the principal soloist of the group Boney M. from 1975 to 1986 since 2003, began her solo career with her own group membership. Frank Fariant spoke of their creativity: asked "Maisie keynote song Boney M. And it is namely a cappella singing at the beginning and end of each song - currently only two members of the band, including Maisie to the old style and fashion. sing Boney M, the brand "counter" was to remain the third time Sheila Bonnick (Sheila Bonnick) -. was the first of the group "Boney M" in 1975, but it was in the central party was only a year , then go to work. "backing vocals" In 2003, Maizie Williams, Sheila invited as a member of his group, and in 2006, began Sheila Bonnick her solo career with her own group membership fourth Marcia Barrett (Marcia Barrett) -. soloist in Boney st from 1975 to 1986. Long time, no tours, and began his solo career because of a serious illness. Preodalev disease, since 2006, at a penny with a repertoire of Boney M. currently receives very few proposals for services because of age and health. 5th Maureen Carter (Maureen Carter) and Marilyn Scharbaai (Marlin Ssharbay) - background singers worked with Sheila Bonnick in Boney M. from 1975 to 1986. Since 1998, worked with Bobby Farrell as part of his group. After the death of Bobby girls right to the name "Boney M. Frank Farian original band" have, they have fallen by Bobby. Since 2010, with his own band on tour. If the group does not contain any of the above participant, then this is part of the group as a "tribute" to be, and it does not matter what country they come from, where attended university. Magic of Boney M. recent years, it is unlikely to mediate the public. Perhaps in the near future, the former founding members of the group, such as Reggie Tsiboe create (Reggie Zibo), Madeline Davis (Madelyn Davis) and Barry Claudia (Claudia Barry) their compositions and start tour. But until that happens. It should be noted that many desire to be anywhere except Russia Boney M. shows, no one interest. That's not true. In Europe, demand was for "Disco 80" much earlier than in Russia, and they are there with the disco 90s. And the fact that the group Boney M. is internationally known as "disco group number 1", acknowledged that the demand for their work was already. Russia joined the marathon 80 recently, and the first major festival in Moscow only 80 were held in 2006, and only since 2007 - around the country. This was the beginning of the "boom" for the music of the 80s, as well as for the artists. In this style Many artists have achieved great heights. Liz Mitchell so gave a big concert with a symphony orchestra, with whom she began a world tour in 2012 in Asia. Maisie Williams is a favorite of Turkish audience regular concerts in Turkey. Sheila Bonnick like Polish listeners and viewers, signing a five-year contract for a series of tours. An important factor in such a high demand for 80s music in Russia is, of course, that the young players 80s TV ads reminded - "melodies and rhythms of the foreign stage," the very doses were given Russian public after 3 hours of New Year's Eve. Now these people have for 40-50 years, they have become businessmen, employees, took her place in life, and she remembers from her youth incendiary motives Boney M. So popular songs in the world of this group will be played for many years. Source:

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